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An important consideration in caring for your Don Sphynx ( Donskoy) is attention to the temperature in their environment. If you are comfortable in the temperature of your home your cat will be comfortable too. To ensure your cat has adequate heat we do recommend a heated bed or pet heating pad that they will have access to at will. Cozy blankets and cat igloos for them to cuddle in are also good additions to their environment. As friendly as they are, they will likely want to crawl under the covers with you at night, but the heated bed or pad should be available to them, particularly in colder months. I personally like the sunbeam-heating pad available at Walmart. There is only an on/off switch and it does not get hot enough to chance burning your cat. I place this under the bedding in their cat hut or sleeping mat. Additionally, getting a few sweaters is a good idea if the room environment is excessively cold or if you need to transport your cat outdoor in frigid temperatures. The cats often take some time to adjust to wearing a sweater, but will usually accept them. While a sweater can be used, it is not a necessary requirement for your cat. Remember, if you are comfortable in your environment your cat will be comfortable too. Not putting your cat in a sweater may actually help develop a healthy immune system.


Please note that Don Sphynx (Donskoy) are an indoor cat. Their skin sheds heat so readily that their internal temperature can drop precipitously. They are prone to sunburn since they do not have a protective layer of hair. If you take your cat outside in a supervised area please ensure that he is protected from getting sunburn and the chance of skin cancer by keeping him in a protected environment.


Most cats enjoy water, or at least tolerate it .Start them at an early age with the routine so they get used to bathing.

Indoor vs Outdoor Cats

A pet is a wonderful thing to have. Many people choose their pet based on where it lives in their household; indoor, outdoors or a combination of the two.

Feeding &
Pet Toxins

We feed our cats a raw diet staying as close as possible to the form and nutritional composition that our cats would eat in a natural setting in the wild.

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