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The Donskoy has advanced to Champion Status in TICA January 23, 2016



The Don Sphynx cat is now recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Federation (CFF) as a provisional new breed until May 2015 when it will move to Championship status! I would like to give special thanks to Marina Shekoldina for the tireless hours she spent helping write the breed standard. Lilya Kovalenko, without your incredible cats and mentorship over the past few years I would not have been inspired to pursue this endevour! Mary Goehring, you welcomed and ushered me into the world of cat shows and led me to Debbie Isidorio, who knew the Don Sphynx should be part of the CFF, and began the process that led to this remarkable achievement for the Don Sphynx breed in the USA. Thanks to all the members of CFF who worked with me to see this to fruition. And of course a special thanks to my daughter Elizabeth for asking me to look at the cute hairless cat which began this journey into the world of the wonderful Don Sphynx cat.

CFF Cat Fanciers Federation annual awards ceremony 2015-2016 18th Best National Cat: DONEDEN ANASTASIA
cff annual award 2015-2016.jpg
Best Donskoy (or Don Sphynx) Award
2016 CFF National Show
2016CFF National Show.jpg
parade 3.jpg
parade 1.jpg
2015 CFF National Show
Catster (formerly Cat Fancy)

May/June 2015 issue

Doneden cats featured on the cover and in Donskoy article in the premier Catster (formerly Cat Fancy) 

catser magazine feature.jpg
catster magazine spread.jpg
Champion Status
Doneden Anastasia Atefa is the first female cat to achieve Champion status in the United States with CFF
Doneden Maynard Eugene owned by Jacqueline Gallant / R. Hawn is the first male Alter Champion in the United States with CFF
certificate of altered champion mayard.j
certificate of championship atefa.jpg
alef achievements.jpg
Alef Don Ramses
January 24, 2015
The Donskoy has had an unanimous yes vote from the TICA board of directors to advance from Preliminary New Breed to ADVANCED NEW BREED as of May 1, 2015. We were eligible for Champion status after 1 year in ADVANCED.

Kathryn Eden, elected TICA Working Breed Chair January 24, 2015.

Doneden Anastasia Atefa

Best of Preliminary New Breed at Salty Cats Tica Cat Show, Feb 23, 2014

TICA Judge Pam Barrett


Doneden Anastasia Atefa

Best of Preliminary New Breed at Americats TICA cat show.

April 27, 2014  Windsor locks, CT

fullsizerender 22.jpg
May 2015: The Don Sphynx cat is being shown in the Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF) in the champion class
Cat Fanciers Federation
The Don Sphynx is shown for the first time in CFF (Cat Fanciers federation) December 6, 2014 in the Experimental class. 
photo 6.jpg

ROKSOLANA Korona Atefa

TICA 2014 Annual

photo 5.jpg

Doneden Anastasia Atefa

Best of Preliminary New Breed at 2014 TICA Annual in Worchester, MA Sept 30-31, 2014. Our cats take home 10 Best of Preliminary

New Breed Ribbons.

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