Out of the four types of coats; rubber bald, flocked, velour & brush, all but the brush are usually hairless.




Extremely friendly,

loving & loyal to their owners.

They love to participate in what you do and are easily trained.



USA Recognition :


(The International Cat Association)

Board of Directors approved to move to Advanced New Breed as of May 2015



(Cat Fanciers Federation)

Accepted as a provisional new breed

Sept 13,2014 Champion status

as of May 2015



The Donskoy has had an unanimous yes vote from the TICA board of directors to advance from Preliminary New Breed to ADVANCED NEW BREED as of May 1, 2015.

We will be eligible for Champion status after 1 year in ADVANCED.

Kathryn Eden, elected TICA Working Breed Chair January 24, 2015

Litter born March 5th
reservations being accepted

Registered TICA Donskoy Cats

Best of Preliminary New Breed

The Parents

Roksolana Korona Atefa

Roksolana Korona Atefa

Taler Korona Atefa

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